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Hello! For freelance writing, you can always reach out to me via my email down below.

I am a fresh Comparative Literature graduate, and I graduated with honors. My 4 years consisted of writing various analyses of fictional and non-fictional works. Hence, my theoretical writing is strong. You won’t regret working with me. Apart from my degree, I worked as an editor and writer on monthly magazine of my university’s first Literature Society for 2 years.

My native language is Turkish. My English is C1 Advanced.

I am also offering consultation sessions for bloggers! If you are finding it hard to keep up with regular posting, you can write to me so that we can arrange a session. In this session, I’ll be talking about how blogging can be beneficial for your three top personal values.

For sponsored posts and collaborations please email me at or follow me on:

(My LinkedIn profile will be updated soon!)

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