2 Day Cardiff Itinerary

Hey guys, it’s Penny! I hope everyone is doing okay. It’s been a while since I typed a blog post( I can’t believe I wrote my last post 3 months ago but only had a chance to publish it recently). As I’m growing up and welcoming new experiences in life( both good and bad) I feel like my blog is evolving in a different direction, too. I don’t think I have done a post like this before, but I enjoyed Cardiff so much that I wanted to type it out.

Last weekend, me and my two friends from my MA programme decided to go to Cardiff for the weekend. My Fridays are off, so it was the perfect timing to explore a new city before the workload of university got hectic! The weather was beautiful too; that was our luck! ( You know the typical UK weather!)

We only stayed for two nights. We really wanted to go to Cardiff Bay, but we were unable to, but I’m pretty sure I will be visiting the bay this summer if I have the chance!

So, let’s get started!

1)Cardiff Castle. Make sure to visit the castle while you are in Cardiff. It was breathtakingly beautiful. As a history buff and student, visiting this monument, which witnessed some of the most significant historical events in UK history, was a fantastic opportunity for me.

2) Cardiff National Museum.This museum is heavily relied on artwork, and one thing is for sure: I will never get tired of looking at art. If you are an art lover like me, make sure to spare your 2 hours for this museum, you won’t regret it. The interior is also beautiful and it kinda reminded me of Louvre! You will be able to find art starting from 1500-1700 Italian art to French impressionism and post impressionist art! They also have a special exhibition about wildlife, which includes dolphins and fossils, so it would be a nice family activity too!

3) Cardiff Market. If you know me in real life, you know that I love visiting markets in big cities. I think you can find hidden gems and also get the chance to eat the most delicious street foods. I was surprised at the fact that I found a gluten free dumpling in Cardiff Market! It had spinach and cottage cheese, served with sour chive cream, and it was DIVINE!

4) Welshcakes! Oh, my goodness, these were HEAVEN! I tried the gluten free versions, as I’m allergic to gluten! I got them from the Fabulous Welshcakes store! When you step into the store, you will be welcomed by the nicest smell of these cakes *heart eyes*

I recently found out that Fabulous Welshcakes have an online site, and I will be ordering there in the near future!

5) Bute Park. Parks are something I never get tired of. Bute Park, situated between Cardiff Castle and the city centre, is breathtakingly beautiful. We had to stop here for pictures and found a little corner tearoom, which is called Pettigrew Tea Rooms, where my friends had cream tea while I had my usual daily cappuccino!

Where we stayed:

We stayed at a very cute guesthouse called Wise stay. It is only 10 minutes away from the city centre so we had time to return to the hotel, rest, and then go out for dinner.

I hope you liked this post! Let me know if you like this and have been to Cardiff! What was your favorite spot?

Until the next post,

Penny x


2 responses to “2 Day Cardiff Itinerary”

  1. jenniferpickering22gmailcom Avatar

    Those dumplings look delicious!

    Curated by Jennifer


  2. Looks like such an amazing time!


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