What I Have Been Up to + Life Updates

Hey everyone! It’s been too long since I posted a new blog post. My life had changed in the past four months. I moved to another country for my master’s degree. For awhile, getting adjusted to a new place, finding new friends, meal planning, random grocery trips, and calling the bank five times because I was unable to pay my tuition fees became my new normal. I’m excited to be back to blogging!

Moving to another city, which is relatively smaller in population, has made me realize how precious time is. I started to live more mindfully, being more in the present and appreciating the little things. So, here are some of those little things.

Nature. I started to appreciate the weekend walks I took with my flat mates, and seeing beautiful swans.

Breathtakingly beautiful sunsets. I’m such a ”Look at the sky!” person. I now have a collection of sunset pictures on my phone.

History. As a Classics student, I was very excited to visit the Roman baths with my course mates and had a chance to admire the beauty of history once again.

Studying. I have become a pro at preparing flash cards for my Latin classes! I never knew how helpful preparing flash cards was.

My weekly cappuccino. I used to hate coffee, but ever since I came to the UK, I can’t live without my cappuccino! It made me realize how important is to have a coffee date with yourself.

Becoming my own best friend. One thing living alone abroad has taught me is the fact that I learned how to become my own support. I realized that until this age, I always relied on others. living alone can really help you realize who you really are.

Let me know in the comments below about your recent life updates. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Until the next post,


Penny x


2 responses to “What I Have Been Up to + Life Updates”

  1. jenniferpickering22gmailcom Avatar

    Awww canim!! I didn’t know about the bank issue!! We should have coffee every day when we are reunited!

    Curated by Jennifer


  2. Nature really is very soothing. No matter how much stressed you are, a walk in the nature seems to give a good vibe everytime.
    Also, yes until you live alone, you never get to know who you really are and are always dependent on others for every decision in your life.


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