Self Care Ideas For Anxiety That *Really* Work

Hey guys, it’s Penny! It’s been a long time. I took a blogging break because it started to overwhelm me. I needed to recharge.

While on my mini break, I started thinking about new posts to write.

So, this post will be all about tips and tricks on how you can manage anxiety.

This post also includes comments and tips from lovely bloggers from the blogging community. I’m grateful for them all!

Let’s start with some ideas on how we can calm our nerves down.

Try a breathing session. Have you heard of the app Breath Hub? I use it daily and it definitely eases my anxiety, and I like to try new breathing techniques, too!

Go on a mindful walk. When you shift your focus from yourself and towards the activity you are doing, you’ll feel calmer. As an anxiety sufferer, I love taking a walk for my mental health.

Do couch to 5k. You will thank yourself that you have done this. Moving around will make you feel better!

Challenge yourself to eat one meal without your phone. I talked about this in detail in my mindful eating post. This honestly has helped me so much with my chronic anxiety!

Take time to manifest your visions and desires. We feel anxious because the future seems unknown to us. Manifesting my visions through using my manifestation journal has helped me massively with controlling my anxiety.

Enroll in a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course. This course saved my sanity during the start of the pandemic. You will definitely thank yourself for spending 8 weeks on yourself.

Reading oracle cards so that you can hear your soul’s truest messages and understand why you are feeling anxious or stressed! They are an amazing tool for you to connect with yourself.

Clean! Whenever I’m stressed, I dust off my shelves while blasting music. It honestly relieves me so much.

Read mindful poetry. Mindful poetry eases your anxiety and anchors you to this moment. I wrote a post all about my favorite mindful poems. You can find it through this link.

Watch your all-time favorite show. There’s something very comforting about watching your favorite tv show or film series. Since you know what it’s going to happen beforehand, nothing will catch you off guard!

Try some new recipes. Whenever I’m in a bad mood, I cook my worries away! I never knew the importance of baking cookies while in a low mood.

Here’s what the blogging community does to ease their anxiety! :

Vanessa said:

” Drawing and coloring! ”

Jennifer said:

”Creating a calming night routine. ”

All Pretty Bits said;

” Breathing exercise 4-7-8, deep inhale for 4 seconds, hold the breath for 7 seconds and deep exhale counting to 8- repeat until you’re calm. Always works.”

Jordan / Slow Living +Travel Blogger said:

” I like to do a lot of breath work/ meditation first- it gets my heart rate down faster than journalling. I like to follow up my meditation with a journal entry to help process my emotions. Yoga is also big help to stretch out the restless feeling in my body! ”

Jessica Lee Bruyere said:

”My way of dealing with anxiety is to make myself lists on my phone so I don’t forget important things, like ideas for my novel. Another thing I just started that’s more preventative is putting reminders on my calendar for when to post on social media.”

Baby Boomer Super Saver said:

” My favorite wellness tools are yoga& meditation!”

Coffee with Cerys said:

” Sometimes the best self-care for me is writing a to-do list and getting stuff done. It distracts my mind and I often end up doing tasks that were causing my anxiety at the first place. I’ll then reward myself with a cuppa and a Disney film.”

Vicky said:

”I imagine what I would say to a friend if they have the same worry. It helps me to rationalize it.”

Angela Tague said:

” Spending time out in the nature or attending a gentle yoga class!”

Jade( Mum Life and Me) said:

” Going for a walk with my dog Rosie and saying my prayers/affirmations at the same time. ”

Ste Parkinson said:

” -No heavy food three hours before bed.

-A glass of milk before bed helps me sleep better.

-A morning run

-Light yoga to loosen up the joints & plan the day before it begins. ”

Cassie ( Let’s Grow Mum) said:

” Being around the water is my happy place. It calms me. I love the ocean but it’s a long drive. When I can’t do that, I like sitting in the car listening to the rain hit the roof and watching it roll down the windows. ”

Coffee and Crafts said:

”Drawing, reading and breathing exercises definitely help me cope with anxiety. It’s not always 100%, but it definitely helps at times. ”

Ashley said:

” Willing hands and half smile, hugging someone for 30 seconds and restorative yoga. ”

Retiring Richie said:

” If the cause can be fixed:

-Make a plan and prioritize- important, high impact things first. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

If the cause can’t be fixed:

  • Take your mind off it- playing a console game, reading a book, etc.
  • Exercise- especially using a punchbag! ”

The Grumpy Olive said:

” Read a book we love or watch a show we love so to offer comfort to ourselves! ”

Sue Berk Koch said:

” Yoga and meditation.”

Ilaria Mangiardi said:

” Free-writing does wonder! ”

Amethyst AP said:

” My go-to’s are yoga, deep breathing, speaking with uplifting people and time in nature.”

Hilary said:

” Talking to someone who ”gets” you or finding supports online.”

Lauren said:

”Practicing gratitude is an effective way of dealing with your anxieties. When you regularly practice gratitude, you are allowed to focus on the good things and what positive things you have to work towards.”

Thank you so much for reading.

Until the next post,

x Penny


8 responses to “Self Care Ideas For Anxiety That *Really* Work”

  1. I really enjoyed this post Penny. I have been finding my own healthy ways to ease my anxiety as well. Writing and excersise helps and I’ve recently joined a fundraising team. There are a few tips in your post I’m going to try for sure.

    Lauren //

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  2. Welcome back, Penny!
    I try to exercise regularly bc it helps rid my body of anxiety in that particular moment. Wish it had an all-day effect!
    Massage on the other hand, works wonders for getting rid of anxiety. I loved reading your blog roundup!
    Crystal |

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  3. These are all such great ideas! Remind me to bring my starseed deck with me!!

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  4. Welcome back!

    These are such great tips and I learnt the hard way that they are so important for our self care.

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  5. welcome back from your blogging break! I also love to clean when I’m feeling stressed / anxious. it’s a win win because I get the house clean and then feel better mentally. I loved that you’ve included others in the post. reading all the suggestions was very interesting.

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  6. It’s lovely to read this as I need to implement some self-care that helps me with my anxiety; I have a few things I do (cleaning a specific area is a great one to really focus my mind on something easy for a while). Thanks for sharing and welcome back from your break!

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  7. That’s great you took a blogging break. It’s good to take a break every now and then, especially when things are overwhelming.
    These are all great ideas for self-care activities and I liked reading everyone else’s responses too. Some of my favorite self-care activities are going on a walk and reading.


  8. Penny, these are all such great anxiety reducing tips! My first course of action when anxiety hits is breathing techniques/meditation/yoga. And my sister is a stress baker which cracks me up. You know she is stressed when she has a dozen freshly baked pies on the counter for no reason at all! I just found your blog through Jennifer’s (Curated by Jennifer) and I really love your content. I will be back to read more!



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