Are Oracle Cards Good for Our Mental Health?

Hey guys, it’s Penny here!

I’ve been wanting to type something about oracle cards and how they changed my life, but I didn’t know what to write exactly. So, after a lot of brainstorming, I wanted to write down my experience with oracle cards and the hidden power they hold.

First of all, let me introduce what oracle cards are.

Oracle cards can sometimes be thought of as ”tarot cards”, but in fact they are not. They are for me, more indirect than tarot cards.

They require more thinking and asking yourself ”What could this mean in this situation?”

The use of them might be similar, but oracle cards are used to get instant messages. They are usually uplifting, and the message is determined by you and your viewpoint. They are customizable, and are given meaning by the user.

Usually, oracle cards are accompanied by a little guidebook. In this book, there are usually instructions on how you can ask certain questions, messages behind cards, and how you can prepare yourself and you can protect your energy field before starting the reading.

There are lots of oracle cards. My first deck was ”Work Your Light” deck. I’m in love with this deck. The messages, illustrations are beyond breath-taking and beautiful. The decks can come in 100s, 50s or 44s.

Even if you look at a random card from this deck, you will definitely experience an immense awakening.

Photo credits Danielle Rangel on Pexels.

When you are aligned with your cards, this state of awakening will continue during your everyday life. You will feel attuned to the symbols. For example, after starting my inner self journey and start using oracle cards, a white feather I saw on the street during my daily walk became more meaningful to me. I started seeing repeating numbers whenever I thought of a certain situation or a person.

One day, I remember I pulled the ”Crumbling” card from my deck( It can be the equivalent of tarot card ”The Tower”) Two days later, I experienced an epiphany. It was definitely the ”crumbling” of a situation. I was very shocked!

So, why oracle cards can be beneficial for our mental health?

Firstly, they carry uplifting messages. If you start your day with these messages, you will definitely feel inspired.

Secondly, you will feel more connected with your Higher Self. Your vision of future will be clearer. Personally, whenever I feel like I’m stuck and unable to make a decision, I turn to my oracle cards. They are always there to make me hear my soul’s true calling.

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.

Thirdly, you will feel more relaxed. Whenever you are aligned with your true self and can hear your soul’s guidance, you will feel more in the flow. The cards will help you to listen your intuition.

The key thing with oracle cards is to use them for navigation rather than a determination for a certain topic. The cards reveal your subconscious to you, which according to Jung, is where our true destiny lies. Don’t forget the choice is always yours and and you don’t need to do what the cards are saying, there is always the freedom of free will.

Just take the message if it resonates with you.

Let’s meet in the comments! Are you using oracle cards for guidance?

x Penny

Header picture credits: Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.


30 responses to “Are Oracle Cards Good for Our Mental Health?”

  1. wombatjambalayaoberon31620 Avatar

    I would love to try oracle cards. I am trying to explore my higher power more. I think this is the next step for me. Thank you for sharing this amazing post.

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    1. Hopefully you’ll have the opportunity to do that, thank you so much for reading x Penny


  2. Love this so much! What’s your favorite oracle for the moment? I like the Osho one a lot, although I never had it personally. The only oracle I had was one by Doreen Virtue. It was amazing how the cards would speak out so clearly. I do believe they are useful channels from what we keep storing and reverting to the unconscious and subconscious. I totally agree with you and I also believe they can have a positive impact on mental health! xx

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  3. This is interesting and never had any cards like these but reading your post got me thinking about it. And I want to try it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hopefully you can try them! Thank you so much for reading! – Pen


  4. I’ve never tried oracle cards before but have been thinking about it for a while! Part of me is scared of the messages I would receive, another part of me doesn’t even know where to begin. But it sounds like it has been a great experience for you so I think I will give it a go. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The fear is very normal,Angie but I think you should definitely try oracle cards. They are always there for us to listen to our inner voice. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. x Penny


  5. jenniferpickering22gmailcom Avatar

    I think you and I might have the same deck. Mine is a lightworker or starseed deck, but I can’t remember the name!

    Curated by Jennifer

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I think they are different than mine! 🙂 but I’m planning on getting the starseed deck soon! Thank you for reading. xx Pen


  6. I alternate between pulling daily cards from tarot and oracle decks. It’s definitely a great reflective practice that makes me pause and think. Love the art style of the “Work Your Light” deck–I have the Starchild Tarot which I believe is the same artist!

    Running Into Joy

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    1. Yes, absolutely true! I love the artwork too, it looks very magical! Thank you for reading, Amanda! x Penny

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  7. I love this! I’ve never used oracle cards before but I might give them a try after reading these. It’s amazing that they help you when making decisions and it sounds like they’ve really impacted your life! Thank you so much for sharing Penny x

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    1. I’m very happy to hear that you loved the post and hopefully you’ll be able to try the oracle cards. Thank you for reading, Ceri! xx Pen

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  8. thriftplanenjoyd34977dd4e Avatar

    These cards sound amazing. I am going to look into them!

    I probably wouldn’t want to get tarot cards, but I do like the idea of guidance.

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    1. Hopefully, you can! Thank you for your lovely comment. x Pen


  9. this deck is so beautiful!! i didn’t realize the difference between oracle and tarot cards. thanks for the clarification. i love the idea of being guided in the right directions in life.

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  10. Sounds very interesting. Reminds me of when I used to get my fortune told, which generally helped me feel more positive about myself.

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  11. What lovely cards! The artwork is so pretty. I myself have a set of fairy oracle cards that I particularly love, but I also have a couple of decks of tarot cards that I pull from when in need of guidance. I think just the act of pulling a card helps me feel a little more steady. 🙂

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  12. I didn’t know about these cards, it is not something I have heard of before, so this post was really interesting. I like the element of having to think more about how they apply to situation. Thank you for sharing your experience so openly.

    Lauren x

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    1. You are very welcome, Lauren! Glad to hear that you have found it interesting. Thank you for reading and commenting! x Penny

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  13. This sounds fascinating and something I’d really like to explore; thanks for introducing me to these cards!

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  14. Wonderful post Penny! I love oracle cards. My first deck was Moonology and my newest one is The Starseed Oracle. It gives a boost of inspiration, motivation, and support. Thank you for sharing! I’m going to pull from a deck now! 🙂

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    1. The Moonology deck looks lovely too and I’ve been wanting to get The Starseed Oracle card too! x Penny


  15. I didn’t realise there was a distinct difference between oracle and tarot cards so thanks for sharing. I have had tarot cards read for me before and I have had oracle cards as well. This is all interesting and gives a great insight too x

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  16. I have never tried oracle cards and your article made me so curious! Yes, the fact that they carry positive messages can be important!

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  17. This is such a interesting post, thank you so much for sharing it with us lovely. I love how these have helped you become more in-tune with yourself. I was always scared of these type of cards as I didn’t know what the outcome would be but after reading your post today, I feel as though it is certainly worth me giving them a go. Great post Xo

    Elle –

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really understand your fear- but I think you should definitely go for it! I was very scared at first too, but now I’m very relaxed about them. Thank you so much for reading, Elle! xx Penny


  18. My mother has various oracle card decks & I’ve used them before, but I don’t have a deck for myself. It’s wonderful to hear that you found them beneficial!

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  19. I’ve never tried tarot or oracle cards but this sounds really interesting, something I’d like to investigate now, I think, thank you!

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    1. You are very welcome, Lisa! Thank you so much for reading. x


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