an update on life

Hello my lovely lovely lovely viewers! I hope you’re still out there. It’s been long, I’M TRULY SO SORRY.

I’ve decided to make a little update post before starting to regularly post on my blog again.

I’ve been in a complete isolated and sad mood for the past week. I had an amazing time in London for 8 days. But ever since I’ve came back I started to have breakdowns where I would cry for an hour and then start to feel well again.

Does this also happen to you? If so, just let me know and then I’d at least feel a better knowing that I’m not alone at this…

Speaking of London, I loved everyday that I’ve spent there. I’ve seen Wicked as well as ” All My Sons”, and I also met my long time idol Jenna Coleman! She is the MOST NICEST LADY out there! ❤

& it was BREATHTAKINGLY MARVELOUS to have seen Wicked with the most amazing cast EVER! It’s been my dream to be able to see it for such a long time and I WAS CRYING.

Apart from that, I’ve also happened to see the Royal Family AND THAT WAS ANOTHER FANGIRLING MOMENT. Can you believe it!? As a tourist, attending the Trooping Of The Colour and seeing Royals is just a DREAM COMING true.

Someone pinch me,seriously.

Perhaps, my brain went ” She didn’t cry for a week, let’s make her upset” and then I found myself in this black hole that would suck my breath. I haven’t been feeling myself for the past 5 days.

That’s why I even didn’t plan on writing these letters, when I turned on my computer, one thing I immediately done was to click on Blogger. And here we are.

Let me know which posts you would like to SEE on here. I’ll post regularly again. And with richer content, I believe.





2 responses to “an update on life”

  1. Sounds like you had a fab time in London! I've never seen any musicals, but have always quite fancied Wicked! xx


  2. Yes indeed hehe! Wicked is the BEST! I still cry over it! x


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